terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008


You know, I met someone. And she is like... bright. Not in a corny way, like a sunshine. But when I talk to her, she seems to understand me. And, yet, she seems to like talking to me, like we knew each other for a long time. I mean, we've just met, I don't know, couple days ago. I'm happy just to talk to her, even if it's only for 30 seconds. Bulshit, 30 seconds with her are like a blink - it proabably IS a blink. I don't know, I'm a mess, really confused.
Have to talk to her... or probably not, I mean, the only thing I do is to TALKING to her. Probably I should do something... really DO somenthing. Or... I don't know, I'm afraid. I'm probably being stupid. Yes, I'm being stupid. It would be easier if she could read my mind. Oh my God, no. She would know I've already pictured her on her underwear and this is really... embaracing.
I don't know...
Oh fuck, I'm falling. I can't fall in love again, please - PLEASE - God, You can't do this to me ONCE AGAIN. I don't deserve this, not now... I mean, I'm hurt, still. The other girl, she broke me, she broke my heart. God, You're such an ass.

Engraçado. O verbo 'to fall' em inglês pode ter a tradução para 'cair', no português literal. E cair, para nós, provavelmente, significa se machucar. É.
É, realmente, MUITA coincidência.

See ya, Sally.

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